International Business Development and Customer Service.

Expert at Joint Ventures and Strategic Marketing.

With 12 years corporate background in Sales/Marketing/Strategy in the European Aerospace industry on the product side with the sale of Eurocopter helicopters (more than 20 helicopters sold over 5 years) and Airbus commercial aircraft (more than 100 of A310/A320/A330/A340 sold over 5 years), Alexis entered in 2002 the SERVICE AVIATION Industry working as a Managing Consultant at Cap Gemini Ernst Young and Vice President Business Development at Marquis Jet/Netjets.

From 1992 to 1996, he managed as the General Representative of Eurocopter in Russia/CIS a 500M Euros Joint Venture called the Mi 38 program involving MIL OKB, Sextant Avionics and Pratt Whitney engines.

From 1997 to 1999, he signed a strategic deal with both the Romanian and the Czech Aerospace industries making respectively enter TAROM and Czech Airlines into the KLM-Air France SKY Team alliance.

In 2007 5 years after his HEC MBA, Alexis co-founded AVOLUS, a one stop luxury transport company (precursor of UBER). He attracted 10 Business Angels from his network raising £250K and secured a £250K investment from Dragon’s Den James Caan who became a director with him for 14 months in the business. Alexis secured a x3 exit for James Caan after 14 months selling the majority stake of AVOLUS group to a Eastern Family Office involving £1,5M cash injection from day one and an investment plan of £20M over 5 years.

As CEO of AVOLUS group (20 employees in London, Moscow, Monaco) & General Manager of private jet operator EUROJET (30 employees in Bucharest, 5 aircraft in operations, one airport VIP Terminal under management) he set AVOLUS group strategic vision and commercial direction reporting to the board. In 2009, he merged the 2 businesses and in 2011 demerged them finding exits for both entities. Following this experience he joined for one year in 2012, FLY VICTOR as Senior Vice President in charge of France/Russia/USA.

In 2013-2015, he became for 2 years Board Member and interim Chief Commercial Officer of ARNEST International the first Russian Cosmetics group (57% of the Aerosols business in Russia/CIS supplier of LOREAL, AUCHAN, UNILEVER, PROCTER GAMBLE, REVLON).

In 2016, he took a 12% stake in Academie du Service UK (spin off of ACCOR in 2011) and became its Founding partner in London.

A strategist, visionary manager/leader and international business developer, Alexis enjoys directing all aspects of fast growing businesses with an entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. His innate curiosity, creativity and international commercial acumen combined with a breadth of different industries expertise have enabled him to develop impressive leadership skills. Able to learn quickly and communicate with people at all levels of business, he has built a wide international network of senior contacts across all industries and sectors from start-ups to the FTSE 100, CAC 40, Fortune 500 and from media, government, and business schools to trade bodies, charities and Royal patrons.

Active Skills:
Joint Venture/ International Relations/ Entrepreneurship/ Strategy/ International Business Development/ International Marketing/ International Management/ Customer Service/ Customer Engagement/ Finance/ Venture Capital/ Business Strategy/ Technology transfers / Partnership/ Strategic Alliance/ Global Account Management / Strategic consulting/

Key Achievements – CEO / Entrepreneur/ Leader/Manager

• Sold more than 100Meuros of Helicopters contract
• Sold more than 1Bieuros of Commercial Aircraft contract
• Managed a 500Meuros Joint Venture called the Mi-38
• Founded and Managed businesses from 0 to £10M in 5 years
• Built and Managed a 50 employees company through Merger, Acquisition and up to Exit
• Managing Consultant at Cap Gemini in New Technology and wrote a Cap Gemini Global Aerospace Point of View with HEC Strategy professor Pierre Dussauge (2001)
• Personally engaged 100 Family offices, CEOs, Board Members of FTSE 250, CAC 40 and Fortune 500 companies as HEC MBA Alumni President in the UK and Serial entrepreneur
• Organized HEC and Fletcher Alumni events about Entrepreneurship and Leadership in London, Paris and Boston
• Built and managed an Advisory Board/Supervisory board at AviaMediaTech Ltd (2002-2015)
• Board Member of Sauvanet Media Group (Telefoot with TF1, Opera Magazine, Ushuaya Magazine) for 2 years (2003-2005)
• Board member of Universal Products Plc part of the Russian cosmetics/aerosols group ARNEST (2014-2015)
• Founding Partner of Academie du Service UK (2016)
• Member of the steering committee of Decathlon Business UK (2016)


  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Printing / Publishing / Media
  • Retail
  • Technology, Telco & Internet
  • Transport, Automotive & Aviation
  • Sport, Leisure & Travel
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Business Transformation


  • Finance Director/CFO
  • CEO
  • Managing Director
  • Sales Director
  • Non-Executive Director/Chairman
  • Founder


  • Up to £5m t/o
  • £5m - £15m t/o
  • £15m - £50m t/o
  • £50m t/o +



Partner in the UK Académie du Service January 2016 - Ongoing I am in charge of the set up of Academie du Service in the UK including Sales/Business development, Marketing/PR&Communication, Strategic partnerships, Transfer of Methods/Tools and Human Resources. Our goal is to set up a 10 people consulting and training company over the next 3 years in London based on the successful model of Academie du Service in France where we are the Leader in Customer Engagement and Employee Engagement with most of the CAC 40 companies as clients.
Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member Group of the companies Arnest May 2014 - Ongoing I am in charge of the integration of the Product/Strategic Marketing and Network/Export Sales teams of the Euro-Russian leading Cosmetics and Aerosols Arnest Group with 4 factories in Scotland (Barony Universal Products Plc, Irvine Glasgow region), in Italy (Arnest Spa, Verona Region) and in Russia (Nevinomyssk, Stavropole region and novomoskovsk, Moscow region). I report to the President of the Arnest group of companies and to the Arnest board.
CEO & Founder AviaMedia Tach Ltd August 2003 - Ongoing AviaMediaTech ltd is my 100% owned Consulting and Capital services company where i have been very active from 2003 to 2008 and less from 208 to 2013 due to the success of one of the incubated company Originally AviaMediaTech ltd was supposed to be a Venture Capital Fund but instead it became a Venture Capital firm with 8 successful fund raising between London, Paris and Moscow. We also incubated 4 companies including a Helicopter Leasing Company and a Media Group. Our consulting clients range from UK/French SMEs to international Fortune 500 companies.
Senior Vice President and Advisory Board Member Fly Victor Ltd September 2013 - May 2014 Following a second round of financing, Victor, the first online marketplace for private jet charter, empty legs and empty seats is expanding aggressively in Europe and Russia/CIS. I have joined Victor as Senior Vice President in charge of the Russian and French speaking countries. My goals are to set up a fully operational Moscow office by end of 2013 and find strategic Business Development partnership to consolidate Victor Aviation Brand and Internet Mobile App Technology.
CEO & Founder Avolus December 2010 - April 2013 Following a MBO/Demerger closed on 31st Dec 2010 with EUROJET Romania, I was in charge of the Charter, Aircraft Management and Sales/Acquisition divisions at AVOLUS ltd in London, Moscow and Monaco. I have decided to step down as Managing Director of AVOLUS on 15th May 2013 in order to concentrate my energy on other ventures around AviaMediaTech Ltd, my Consulting and Capital Services Company.
Chief Executive & Founder AVOLUS Group BV July 2009 - January 2011 Following a LBO, i am in charge of the development of AVOLUS group including AVOLUS Ltd, EUROJET and a Private Aviation Airport in Romania
Managing Director & Founder AVOLUS Ltd July 2009 - January 2011
Vice President - Business Development Marquis Jet / Netjets Europe December 2002 - August 2003 i was in charge of the marketing/sales/ business development strategy and implementation of the 25h Marquis Jet/ Netjets card in Russia, Germany and France.
Manging Consultant Cap Gemini Ernst Young January 2002 - November 2002 I was part of the Global EU/US Aerospace team in charge of Global accounts like AIRBUS and GE in Boston, London and Paris. I wrote the Cap Gemini Aerospace and Defence point of View with HEC Professor in Strategy Pierre Dussauge
Regional Sales Director Airbus Industrie January 1997 - November 2001 I was in charge of 35 airlines private and public in 12 countries including Tunisia, Emirates, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and Kazakhstan. i sold in 5 years 80 Airbus aircraft (A320 family, A310 family, A330/A340 family) representing more than 3 Billions of Euros of revenue in Sales managing 20 people from Marketing, Operations, Product Support and Strategy.
General Representative in Russia/CIS Eurocopter SA May 1992 - December 1996 I set up the first Representative office of Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters in Russia/CIS. I sold the first Foreign helicopters to EMERCOM Russia and GAZPROMAVIA. i was in charge of a team of 10 before setting Eurocopter Vostok subsidiary which is now more than 60 people and 150 helicopters in Russia