Managing Director


Business transformation consultant specialising in strategic marketing solutions from customer insight. Supporting companies from FTSE 100 to start-ups in developing future-proofing vision - distilling and simplifying complex business challenges and diverse stakeholder agendas into simple, powerful value propositions to deliver competitive differentiation.

Mentoring management teams to interpret corporate scorecard narrative into tangible ROI, build world-class teams and deliver sustainable growth.   


  • Advertising, Marketing & PR
  • Charity/Not for Profit
  • Digital & Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • FMCG
  • Food
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Printing / Publishing / Media
  • Technology, Telco & Internet
  • Sport, Leisure & Travel
  • Government - Central and Local
  • NHS & Healthcare
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Business Transformation
  • Professional Business Services


  • Managing Director
  • Non-Executive Director/Chairman
  • Marketing Director/CMO


  • Start up
  • Early stage
  • Up to £5m t/o
  • £5m - £15m t/o
  • £15m - £50m t/o
  • £50m t/o +



Hewlett Packard Worldwide

International market leader in imaging, printing technology and Enterprise sectors.

-          HP were losing the battle for market share and consumer confidence to Dell in both imaging and printing plus their technical solutions sectors. A global new product range was developed and was to be positioned as HP 2.0 to seize share and reclaim market leadership.

-          Delivered marketing and brand re-positioning advice to 2 of 3 international HP Boards, leading the internal Publicis (agency) and client teams on consumer, SME and enterprise target audience development for Web 2.0 market digital launch and fully-integrated go-to-market strategy.

-          Achieved 35% sales uplift in first quarter of launch within universal scorecard indicators of success. Advised on centralised digital content creation management system delivering 50% cost efficiencies across all markets in initial 6 months.


Visa is a member organisation owned by the banks of the world to provide payment services to their customers.

-          The EU region was losing market share to MasterCard and had no central strategy for growth in the face of the emerging digital age which was needed to address and unite diverse bank-member agendas across the region. 

-          AS SVP Director of Brand Marketing for EU region, built a world-class team of 40 market-facing experts to deliver member intelligence and support from a single, centralised strategic theme. Developed careers of team and delivered succession planning model to board.

-          Directed development of 5 year strategic plan which returned Visa EU to leadership position in first year of launch programme investment, increased personal consumer expenditure by 40% and seized 25% increase in share of bank/merchant universe during EU-wide market relaunch and communications campaign investment.

-           Drove adoption of CSR policy to centre of member investment agenda.

Droplet Mobile Payments

Droplet is a highly-acclaimed, innovative mobile payments system with a totally unique proposition (both to consumer and merchant) which has been attracting international investment and sector interest since its inception in 2012.

-          Strategic adviser and brand director, providing leadership to the operational board and investors re go-to-market strategy and external communications through each evolution of core market positioning. Drove business expansion targets to 4-fold increase in customer and merchant sign-up in 1st six months of launch.

Cranfield School of Management

One of the country’s leading and most innovative business schools providing MSc and executive development programmes to senior levels of industry and the corporate world, alongside internationally-recognised, pioneering scientific research.

-          The School had enjoyed an excellent reputation amongst specialist, academic audience sectors, but were looking to gain a stronger international public profile to compete effectively and internationally with well-established HE brands in the sector. As corporate marketing strategy adviser, delivered business transformation strategy and mentoring to the board of the School of Management. Directed core

-          programme of market analysis and audience segmentation, articulation of brand purpose and integrated  communications platform.

-          Directed and owned new central brand platform development for 5 year corporate strategy and international competitive value proposition, delivering significant uplift in student/executive population, together with a rationale for the research department’s business partnership philosophy that united all business verticals under one, competitively-challenging vision.

-          Increase in Executive Leadership Development Programmes uptake by 40% in first year together with 25% uplift in brand awareness measures amongst key programme-commissioning bodies.   

AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board - NDPB)

A government-subsidised body of 6 ‘federal’ units providing industry expertise on each of the British farming sectors (cattle, pork, potatoes, milk, cereals and horticulture) re retail strategy and stakeholder management.

-          The challenge was to champion the case for British produce in the face of both cheaper exports from other parts of the world and, suddenly, in response to the PR crisis around the horsemeat infiltration and consequent hysteria re perceived ‘safe’ standards of production.  

-          As marketing strategy adviser across AHDB Cattle and Pork, directed crisis management and communications programme during the horsemeat crisis , uniting diverse stakeholder groups (including national grocery retailer groups) around the national damage-limitation PR challenge and a strong, consistent, authentic message. Developed and implemented business development strategy to build business around new proposition of authenticity and transparency which exceeded supplier and sales targets X3 in the crisis period.                                                                                                                       

Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Charity dedicated to raising awareness of this devastating, terminal lung disease from which patients often die within 3 years of diagnosis.

-          As Chair Designate, directing the second phase of growth: raising awareness across wider audience base, fund-raising for research into a cure, supporting the patient community and educating parliamentary policy-makers and NHS re optimal care-management planning.


Business Transformation helping companies to identify the ‘DNA’ of their value proposition and create customer preference
Marketing Strategy analysing both big and small data to create singular, focused go-to-market strategy for competitive differentiation and growth
Customer Insight identifying key, authentic business development initiatives from trend data, segmentation and futures analysis to find unique ‘angle’ for successful market positioning
Brand and Reputation Management future-proofing growth and reputation by developing long-term engagement with wider community beyond immediate audience reach.
Integrated Communications developing communications platform to encompass all elements of marketing mix
Digital Strategy extending organisations’ value proposition and portfolio into digital market place within over-arching strategy for growth.
3rd Party Agency Management bringing leadership to management of external agency remit around a single corporate vision
Stakeholder management and consensus building uniting multiple stakeholder groups and diverse agendas around principles for mutual commercial success
Start-ups go-to-market strategic advice to early-stage start-ups
Mentoringadvising and supporting senior teams through change management, marketing implementation and communications to internal and external audiences.