Operations Director


I am a recently retired highly experienced senior executive from the Petrochemical Industry. I worked for ExxonMobil Chemical for 38 years in a wide range of positions - the last 20 years have been spent at executive level in management positions across all functions of the Petrochemical division of ExxonMobil.

27 of my 38 years with ExxonMobil were spent living abroad, performing management roles based in USA, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Belgium. This long global service at senior level means I am able to offer a wide range of advice, guidance and support to many operational functions. In addition, extensive experience at analysing strategy and in development of strategic direction for various businesses within the ExxonMobil portfolio enables me to provide helpful input to critical managerial direction setting processes. 

I seek non-executive director positions where my experience can add value in support of the management team. While this experience has been gained in the Petrochemical industry, I believe it is applicable to a wide range of operational businesses. A company employing me in a non-executive role would have access to someone with a clear understanding of where I can contribute, broad knowledge of the challenges of leading complex businesses, used to interacting at senior management level with a wealth of practical expertise gained at one of the worlds most succesful global companies.


  • Distribution/Logistics
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Utilities, Oil & Gas


  • Managing Director
  • Sales Director
  • Operations Director
  • Marketing Director/CMO
  • Technical Director
  • Vice President


  • £50m t/o +


Venture Executive ExxonMobil Chemicals September 2014 - April 2016

Leading a team developing a $7bn + investment joint venture project in North America. This involved directing negotiation and development of joint venture agreements, selection of technologies, site selection, negotiation of incentive basis at state governor level, development of project economic bases and leading the process of obtaining management endorsement for the project.

Global Logistics and Distribution manager ExxonMobil Chemical August 2012 - August 2014

Responsible for all logistics and distribution activities for ExxonMobil Chemical. Management of a 450 person global team coordinating a $3bn annual spend for distribution of all ExxonMobil Chemicals products from its worldwide manufacturing sites to its customers. All major forms of transportation are used - Road, Rail, Marine, and the role included leadership of negotiation and execution of contracts with multiple 3rd party logistics companies to efficiently meet ExxonMobils distribution requirements.    

Supply Chain Manager, Polymers ExxonMobil Chemical Singapore June 2010 - July 2012

Responsible for managing ExxonMobil Chemicals global supply chain activities for its Polymers businesses, this role was located in Singapore with the primary objective of setting up new supply chain structures in support of a major expansion of ExxonMobil's Singapore manufacturing facilities. This meant leading the development of new supply chain structures to serve markets in China, India and south Asia, as well as negotiations with the Singapore government to establish new supply chain infrastructure in Singapore to efficiently manage the increased exports from the expansion.

During this period I also served as Vice President of Nippon Unicar, a joint venture Japanese company manufacturing polymer compounds for wire and cable insulation. 

Global Sales and Marketing Manager ExxonMobil Chemical Films January 2007 - May 2010

Fully accountable for all Sales and Marketing activities for ExxonMobil's Oriented Polypropylene films business, primarily serving the FMCC packaging industry (packaging and labelling for food, drinks, etc.). As well as providing direction to a global sales team of approximately 100, the Marketing function lead development of business strategy for the $2Bn Films business unit.   

Multiple earlier career roles ExxonMobil Chemical July 1992 - January 2007

Prior to the specific roles highlighted above, I performed a broad variety of executive level management roles in ExxonMobil. These included Manufacturing, Technical, Business and financial planning and General Managment positions, located in the Middle East, Belgium, UK and USA. These provided me with a strong background in all aspects of business management prior to the more senior roles I performed recently


Strategic analysis and strategy developmentWhile all my recent management roles have had direct accountability in specific functions (Investment management, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, etc.), these positions have always been as part of the leadership teams responsible for directing specific businesses within the ExxonMobil portfolio. As a result I have routinely driven the development and implementation of strategy for those businesses. ExxonMobil, as one of the worlds leading companies, provides significant training and support to its managers in strategy development and analysis, to help them do the best job possible in their roles as business leaders. As a result I have been exposed to a wide range of strategy development tools and have extensive practical experience in applying these tools to real business situations, both in analysing/developing strategic direction, and subsequently in executing these strategies in the field.


BA ChemistryOxford UniversityJune 19784 year degree in Chemistry from Oxford University


BA Chemistry, Oxford University