Q: I cannot sign in, how do I reset my password?
A: You can reset your password by clicking Forgotten Your Username or Password? and entering the email address you registered with. If an email doesn't arrive within a few minutes, check your spam folder. If it's not there either, call Customer Care on 
+44(0) 161 714 8495.


Q: Where can I find my VAT receipt?

A: VAT receipts can be found when logged in by clicking My Account, then Account Details and looking in the Personal Details tab.


Q: How do I contact my account manager?

A: The Customer Care team can be reached on +44(0) 161 714 8495 or by emailing customercare@intouchnetworks.com


Q: What is the Chat function?

A: LiveChat is run by the Customer Care team, who will ensure your enquiry is resolved effectively or passed on to the most appropriate person. During busy times, responses may take a few minutes. You can close LiveChat using the _ icon. Doing so will end any ongoing conversation, and later pick-ups may be with another member of the team.


Q: How do I begin filling out my profile?

A: Details of the content required, and tips for their entry, can be found in the Member Handbook.


Q: I have stopped receiving emails, how do I restart these?

A: Firstly, check the Email Notifications section of the Account Details screen. Then check with your email service provider. Emails might be going to your spam folder, or, if you have deleted several emails from us without reading them, your service provider may add them to a blocked list, so be sure to check your settings and ensure we have not been “blacklisted”. If you’ve done all this and still aren’t getting emails, contact Customer Care on +44(0) 161 714 8495.


Q: How will I know when I have been directly approached?

You will receive an email containing the approaching company’s details so you are able to make direct contact.


Q: How do I ensure my profile is visible?

A: You can go to My Account, then Account Details and look under the Profile Visibility tab to change your profile to live or to hidden.


Q: What is required of the endorsements?

A: Endorsements are 300-character quotes which support your credentials or skills as a non-executive director. Enter your endorser’s details in the Ask For Endorsements screen and they will automatically receive an email from us asking them to provide this statement. Their details will not go into any sales or marketing lists, they will simply receive one more email to say thank you once they have provided the endorsement.


Q: Where can I see other profiles/endorsements?

A: All of our profiles are searchable once live, so you can view other profiles by clicking on Find Non-Execs. Profiles with the Endorsed badge will have two or more endorsements on them.

Q: I've not received my welcome pack?

A: Please email customercare@intouchnetworks.com and they will resolve for you.