Non-Executive Director/Chairman


Expert in the development of Analytical Software and Technically Analysing markets.

I am a semi-retired professional who has worked in Financial markets for over 35 years.  During that time I founded and built a company that pioneered the development and use of analytical financial software.  In 2001 after winning the first award for the best software in the category, I was approached to sell the company and help them improve their software offering.  This is did for 15 years with the result that the company won the annual award 4 times out the 7 years it was presented being the likes of Bloomberg and Reuters.  I retired in February 2016 but have continued to consult to companies on software and technical analysis   

Proven Track Record

I have a proven track record building up a company, managing a development team and creating a top quality software customer support.  I have a strong understanding of how all software, not just financial software, should operate from the customer’s perspective.

Leading Authority on Software and Market Analysis

I am the world’s leading authority on Point & Figure and the development of Technical Analysis software.  I designed the world renowned award winning Updata Technical Analysis software and worked with the programming team.

I am an expert technical analyst with a deep understanding of this analytical method which is used (or should be used) by all portfolio managers and traders.

Author and Publisher of Articles

I am the author of two books on Point and Figure:

  • The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure publsihed in 2005 with 2nd edition in 2015, which is on the reading list for all International Technical Analysis qualifications
  • The ground breaking 21st Century Point and Figure, published in 2016, which introduced new techniques to the ancient discipline.
  • In 2007 I was approached by Bloomberg to write a chapter for their book, Breakthroughs on Technical Analysis, New Thinking from the World's Top Minds.

I have written numerous articles on Technical Analysis and Point and Figure charts in particular in the internationl journals.

I wrote the 800 page manual for the Updata technical analysis system.

Lecturer and Speaker

I am an experienced lecturer and educator in Technical Analysis having trained thousands of traders and investors in Europe, UK, USA and Africa.

I have spoken at many international conferences including the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), Market Technicians Association (MTA) and Technical Analyst Magazine.

Financial Areas

I have sat on desks with traders and portfolio managers in banks and fund managers to help them with their analysis of markets.  I have spent many years working with energy companies helping them with the analysis of wholesale energy markets.

Automotive Engineer turned Economist turned Technical Analyst

I trained as an Automotive Engineer in the 1970s and was a product development engineer with Toyota.  I then went back to University and did an Economics degree where I learned about financial market analysis.  The release of the IBM PC encouraged me to develop financial analytical software.




  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Software
  • Technology, Telco & Internet
  • Transport, Automotive & Aviation
  • Utilities, Oil & Gas


  • Non-Executive Director/Chairman



Head of Technical Analysis and Product Development Updata Limited July 2001 - February 2016

Designer of the company's award winning software

CEO Indexia Research Limited January 1982 - July 2001

Development of leading Technical Analysis software

Product Development Engineer Toyota January 1972 - June 1978

Responsible for the design and development of engine components

The Definitive Guide to Point and FigureA Comprehensive Guide to the Theory and Practical UseSeptember 2005Jeremy du Plessis - one of the foremost Point and Figure experts in the world - returns with a fully updated second edition of this definitive guide in an effort to redress this imbalance. This second edition, with an extensive revision to the text and introduction of brand new techniques, demystifies the world of Point and Figure charting. It includes a detailed explanation of the history and development of the technique from its invention to the modern day, and covers the makeup of the chart patterns, why they are created, and how to interpret them. Throughout, readers are encouraged to understand Point and Figure charts from first principles, rather than just remember the names of a series of patterns. It is the first major work for 50 years to discuss in depth the original 1-box reversal method of Point and Figure charting and contrast it with the more popular 3-box reversal method. Further, the explanation of how to use Point and Figure charts to project targets and calculate risk-reward ratios is the most comprehensive ever seen. Also featured in the second edition are: - An in-depth chapter on Analysing Point and Figure charts, extensively rewritten from the first edition - A new explanation of how Point and Figure parameters are chosen and the implications of choosing them - Two new Point and Figure construction methods never seen before - Full discussion of Point and Figure gaps and how they provide valuable information about the chart - Lesser known, more advanced techniques such as the use of moving averages, parabolic SAR and Bollinger Bands on Point and Figure charts - Price and volume activity histograms and how they provide information about support and resistance All this is illustrated with numerous colour charts and observations from years of trading experience. Part of the Market Technicians Association (MTA) Required Reading list.

21st Century Point and FigureNew and Advanced Techniques for Using Point and Figure ChartsJanuary 2015Advancing Point and Figure in the 21st Century Point and Figure has been around for over 130 years and the method is just as essential for chart analysis today as it always has been. While the basic principles of the technique have remained unchanged, those working with Point and Figure must still push the boundaries of how it is used, looking to make it even more insightful and powerful. This is exactly what Jeremy du Plessis has achieved with 21st Century Point and Figure. Jeremy du Plessis shows definitively that neither is the case and that with the use of lateral thinking there are also a host of other new techniques that can be added to Point and Figure charts and analysis. In this advanced practical guide, du Plessis explains: - How to use moving averages, Bollinger bands, Donchian channels and parabolic stop and reverse with Point and Figure charts. - How time-based indicators such as overbought/oversold, RSI, directional movement and MACD can be used with Point and Figure charts. - How column volume can be used to assess a column's strength and how volume at box level can be used to assess support and resistance areas. - How traditional accumulation distribution lines, such as on-balance volume and volume-price trend, can be used to enhance the reading of the chart. - How the analysis of relative strength and spreads can be enhanced using these new techniques. - Two new Point and Figure based market breadth indicators. Finally, he introduces a new Point and Figure based oscillator that can also be used on time-based charts. The techniques described here open up a whole world of new and advanced analysis tools. You will see that there is more to Point and Figure than you ever imagined, and that it is more flexible than has ever been realised before. If you employ Point and Figure analysis, ensure you don't miss out on these powerful new techniques - be sure to bring your analysis into the 21st century.


Batchelors DegreeDurban Insitute of TechnologyDecember 1972Automotive Engineering
B. Com (Hons)University of Birmingham, UKJuly 1981Batchelor of Commerce majoring in Money and Banking


Market Technicians AssociationNew YorkJanuary 1987Advancing the discipline of Technical Analysis for 40 years

Society of Technical AnalystsLondonJanuary 1992The Society of Technical Analysts (STA) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and understanding of technical analysis and its role within behavioural finance as a vital investment tool. It aims to serve all members of the investment community, from the investment industry professional to interested members of the public.


Chartered Market Technician
Fellow of the Society of Technical Analysts