Welcome to the world’s largest network of non-executive directors.

Hundreds of new opportunities are listed on Non-Executive Directors every month, because it’s a true alternative for companies who want to avoid recruiters. Our Google-indexed profiles are accessed by employers looking for particular skills, and unlike other platforms we don’t charge them to find you.

That means no headhunters, no gatekeepers, and no fees cutting into your remuneration.
But is much more than a place to find jobs. Improve your chances of connecting with the right people by enhancing your online presence and attending exclusive training and networking events.

See our FAQ or the video below for more detail of what to expect when you .

What makes the site different?
Employers can advertise vacancies on Non-Executive Directors for free, and search our database for people with the skills and experience they need.

This unique approach makes it easier for companies to recruit for high-level roles directly. Actively recruiting businesses make thousands of direct approaches to our members every year and headhunter fees won’t cut into your remuneration.
Why do I need a non-executive profile?
Traditional recruitment relies on expensive headhunters and small professional circles. But that’s changing – employers want more diverse boards and they’re looking beyond the old means of appointing them.

Our profiles are Google-indexed, which means businesses searching for non-executives in a particular area, industry or specialism find members directly. Our experts can help you craft a professional profile that showcases your skills as a non-executive and enhances your most powerful asset: your personal brand.

You can then build on it by participating in forum discussions, making new connections and claiming your prestigious '' email address.
What am I paying for?
Our standard membership gives you a unique profile and access to off-market jobs, but you’ll also get:
  • Discounts through our partner programme, including exclusive offers on travel and legal services
  • Invitations to networking events, as well as regular webinars on issues affecting non-executive directors
  • Access to the members only forum, where you can debate with some of the world’s most successful business leaders and build an online network
If you sign up for three years you’ll be a Platinum member , which gives you access to:
  • Our account management team, whose years of work with non-executive employers gives them unique insight. Your bespoke profile acts as your online executive CV and can be found by anyone searching for directors in your area or sector, so it needs to communicate your USP and what you can bring to a board
  • Our application and jobs team, who can guide you through the process of approaching employers. Even if you have decades of business experience, you may not be familiar with the nuances of non-exec applications and they can be what makes the difference between you and another candidate
  • A dedicated account management team to help you with all aspects of your membership
How can I get the most from the network?
There’s a lot more to Non-Executive Directors than job listings, and being active on the network will boost your chances of being found for new roles.
  • Introduce yourself on the forum, as it’s a great way to meet fellow members and get your name out there
  • Search the network for new contacts and sign in regularly to keep up to date with events, webinars and discussions
  • Take advantage of our partners’ special offers
  • Don’t narrow down your options too early. When you’re setting job preferences start broad and filter down as you see which opportunities are coming up
  • Think beyond the industries you’ve worked in – your skills are transferable and businesses in other sectors are interested in what you have to offer. The forum is a great place for getting advice on changing industry
I already have a full-time position, can I still take on a non-executive role?
Yes. The time commitment for a non-executive can be as often as one day per week, or as little as one day per quarter.

Taking on an occasional non-executive role while working full-time builds your portfolio and can pave the way for future chair roles. Find out more about becoming a non-exec.
How much does a non-exec earn?
Daily and annual rates vary significantly, both from company to company and from industry to industry. Many of our members will take on multiple positions, and the average for a single role is around £17,000 per year. At FTSE 100 companies, the level can be significantly higher.
I cannot sign in, how do I reset my password?
You can reset your password by clicking Forgotten Your Username or Password? and entering the email address you registered with. If an email doesn't arrive within a few minutes, check your spam folder. If it's not there either, call Customer Care on +44(0) 161 714 8495.