Testimonials From Our
Professional Develoment Users

Very good information / training / upskilling module, which will help anyone, regardless of experience level, to remember that the fundamentals of CV writing must be tackled before more nuanced versions will be valuable.

I enjoyed Anne's engaging, inspiring, positive approach, which always accentuated the positive and used the negative examples only to help participants avoid the pitfalls of poor CV treatments.

Symon Sentain

I would like to congratulate you for the excellent series of training videos on the role of a Non-Executive Director. As an aspiring non-exec, I liked your approach and the way you unfolded different aspects of the role.

I liked your practical advices from CV to board room. Your emphasis and particular attention to detail was very useful and I found your training session very beneficial.

It was a very informative and interesting training with lot of practical elements, which top executives sometimes ignore. I look forward to the next series of training.

Med Buck

I am new to the network; I found the 3 modules presentation very useful, certainly has made me more aware of expectations and the modern approach for CV creation. Thanks, much appreciated.

Kulwant Chahal

The advice was absolutely sound and I have taken notes to make my own CV become much better. Thank you.

Gillian Owen

It was very reassuring to hear the advice and tips in this module. Thank you very much, your presentations were very informative and will help me to retune my CV in a number of ways.


A very useful recap which highlighted a number of questions which I had forgotten to ask myself!

David Bence

Good overall strategic approach suggested, with useful insights.

Paul Hodgson

Excellent overview particularly for someone like myself who will be completely new to the role. Also liked the tips.

Paul Stocks

This module is a very strong, descriptive tool, which Anne relates masterfully. The no-nonsense approach that Anne adopts along with great examples and crystal clear advice all go to making this module a winner, and highly useful.


I find the trainer very clear, engaging and informative.

Woody Whittick

I found the opening module extremely thought-provoking and therefore of high value. It will benefit me whether or not I ever undertake or even apply for a role.

Nick Cottam

I’ve completed ‘The Role of the Non-Executive’ course and found it very helpful. I look forward to taking further courses.

Andrew Forster