CLAIRE SINGERS Communications Consultant View Profile

"It really is an incredibly proactive and well connected service, with a regular flow of very interesting NED vacancies. After just one month I have secured a role which is just about my ideal directorship, I’m absolutely delighted."

PHILIP FOWLER The Move Master Managing Director View Profile

I had set myself the goal of securing an NED role by the end of 2016 and the Non-Executive Directors network has been a great help in helping me achieve that goal, with its daily updates and helpful forum."

TONY WILLIAMS Building Value Ltd CEO View Profile

Not only do talk a good story - they deliver. During my year with them, I received a host of high-quality and tailored prospective non-exec vacancies, delivered to my inbox on a daily basis.

It is the best investment I have made in years."

EDWARD WOOD Property & Construction Non-Executive Director & Chairman View Profile

I am very active in my search for Non Executive Directorships. I am also a strong believer in everything in life being a percentage game, and this is no different. Normally the biggest challenge is unearthing the right opportunities – or should I say ‘was’, since this is no longer the case.

"I get loads of opportunities coming up. I get these opportunities – 99.99% of the time – from you within an hour or so, and, even better, usually BEFORE I get them from other sources. And then a load more from you, on top, that I get from no other source."

"You offer one hell of a service. You are also incredibly helpful and supportive with just about any query at any time. So very very high praise indeed, and a huge amount of gratitude."

ALAN BALL Private Equity & Venture Capital Non-Executive Director & Chairman View Profile

When I successfully exited my business last year, I was at a loss as to how I could develop a Portfolio of Non-Executive roles. I came across a new venture Non-Executive Directors and decided to invest in the annual subscription. The results have been phenomenal, I receive all the relevant notices for my profile, these include private placements by head hunters as well as advertised roles.

"I have lost count on the number of roles sent to me and being selective I have been able to secure three Non Exec roles in since last October and am now fully occupied with the time I want to invest. I have been so impressed with the Non Executive Directors network that I have recommended the programme to three of my network who were in a similar position.

"As a successful CEO and Entrepreneur we as a breed are not the easiest to please, I have been delighted with my investment in the network and would not hesitate to highly recommend you do the same."

LISA WAINWRIGHT Sport, Leisure & Travel CEO

I have found the variety and scale of vacancies coming through to be very exciting and when I have more spare time I will become more active in applying. I have shared a number of vacancies with colleagues in my network. Keep up the good work!"