Member Reviews

I found the network to be extraordinarily helpful. I was able to access opportunities I would not have been aware of and within six months was successfully appointed to a non-Exec position closely aligned with my skills and expertise.

Professor Jackie Oldham Managing Director View Profile

It really is an incredibly proactive and well connected service, with a regular flow of very interesting NED vacancies. After just one month I have secured a role which is just about my ideal directorship, I’m absolutely delighted.

CLAIRE SINGERS Communications Consultant View Profile

I had set myself the goal of securing an NED role by the end of 2016 and the Non-Executive Directors network has been a great help in helping me achieve that goal, with its daily updates and helpful forum.

PHILIP FOWLER The Move Master Managing Director View Profile

Not only do talk a good story - they deliver. During my year with them, I received a host of high-quality and tailored prospective non-exec vacancies, delivered to my inbox on a daily basis.
It is the best investment I have made in years.

TONY WILLIAMS Building Value Ltd CEO View Profile

I am very active in my search for Non Executive Directorships. I am also a strong believer in everything in life being a percentage game, and this is no different. Normally the biggest challenge is unearthing the right opportunities – or should I say 'was', since this is no longer the case.

I get loads of opportunities coming up. I get these opportunities – 99.99% of the time – from you within an hour or so, and, even better, usually BEFORE I get them from other sources. And then a load more from you, on top, that I do not get from other sources.

You offer one hell of a service. You are also incredibly helpful and supportive with just about any query at any time. So very very high praise indeed, and a huge amount of gratitude.

EDWARD WOOD Property & Construction Non-Executive Director & Chairman View Profile

When I successfully exited my business last year, I was at a loss as to how I could develop a Portfolio of Non-Executive roles. I came across a new venture; Non-Executive Directors and decided to invest in the annual subscription. The results have been phenomenal, I receive all the relevant notices for my profile, these include private placements by head hunters as well as advertised roles.

As a successful CEO and Entrepreneur we as a breed are not the easiest to please, I have been delighted with my investment in the network and would not hesitate to highly recommend you do the same.

ALAN BALL Private Equity&Venture Capital Non-Executive Director&Chairman View Profile

I have found the variety and scale of vacancies coming through to be very exciting and when I have more spare time I will become more active in applying. I have shared a number of vacancies with colleagues in my network. Keep up the good work!"

LISA WAINWRIGHT Sport, Leisure&Travel CEO