If you have the skills, the experience and the ambition, a portfolio career offers flexibility and a work-life balance few ever achieve.

As a non-executive director you’ll effectively be your own boss and have the chance to share your knowledge with multiple companies. But not everyone can meet the challenge.

What to expect 

Non-execs contribute support and expertise in many ways and you’ll typically attend several board meetings each year. Whether you’re an experienced director stepping down from a full-time role or a new executive building your understanding of the boardroom, you’ll work with an organisation’s leadership to set direction. You’ll also carry significant financial responsibility.

Building a portfolio of roles that pay up to £4,000 per day can add up, but flexibility in working hours is often even more attractive to time-poor executives.

Getting started

If you’ve never held a non-executive position, the first step is to get noticed. Identify your USP and start building a personal brand. This will not only show employers how you’d fit in, but also helps you decide which roles are best for you.

Businesses typically want to see that a candidate can make constructive challenges, communicate clearly and build relationships, so create a profile that highlights your skills and get involved in forum discussions and establish a social media presence.

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